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Your Missionaries want to hear from you!

Mail - we all love it, whether it's a letter in the mailbox or a "you've got mail" message on the computer. Move thousands of miles away to a new culture, and mail becomes a tremendously important link to those at home. Here are some suggestions for correspondence which will encourage your missionary.

- What do missionaries want to read about? Mentally reverse roles. What would you want someone to share if you were on a different continent? Tell them about what is changing in your church, your community, and your personal life. Update them about their favorite sports team. Don't assume that others will have shared the news or that they wouldn't be interested. Missionaries want to feel as if they are keeping up with what's going on at home.

- Respond to what they have shared recently in a prayer letter or E-mail message. Missionaries are encouraged when they know friends are paying attention to what they write and are interested in what is happening in their lives and ministries. Assure your missionary friends that you appreciate what they are doing, not treating them like martyrs by highlighting how difficult you think their life is. Most missionaries love what they do and where they live, and don't consider their calling a hardship.

- Be sensitive to security issues. Never comment on political situations or criticize the leaders of the country where your missionary serves. In certain countries, even missionaries' E-mail is monitored, and it may compromise their position to refer to any Christian activity or call them "missionaries". Check with your missionary for guidelines.

- Remind your missionary friends that you are praying for them, then go another step and tell them what you are asking God to do. Prayer for specific needs warms every missionary's heart. Share your personal prayer requests with them too, so they can reciprocate by interceding for you.