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We rejoice with you as you are planning your wedding. We want your wedding to be a celebration as special as you could possibly desire. A wedding is a sacred and serious matter. It is also a joyous and wonderful celebration of a lifetime commitment. We care about you and the future success of your marriage relationship. Our church is pledged to serve you in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
Our goal is to assist you to prepare, not just for your wedding day, but for your married life together. We want to help you in the growth of your relationship to God and to each other. We pray God's blessing for you in the planning of your wedding and marriage.

At Olalla Bible Church we provide the following with our wedding packages:

- Counseling: Pre-marital counseling, provided by our Pastor.

- Coordinator: Contact the wedding coordinator at (253) 851-4222.

- Sound: We provide an excellent sound system with an equipment specialist.

- Janitor: Leave the cleanup to us!

Points to consider:

- We provide separate dressing rooms for the bridal party.

- The church holds approximately 130 people.

- Rehearsal arranged the day before the wedding.

- Beautiful setting, outdoor as well as indoor, provides exceptional photography.

If you would like to talk to our wedding coordinator, please feel free to give the church a call or Contact Us via email.