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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: To provide an environment where everyone can process their faith in God through the giving of unconditional love, accurate teaching of God's Word, and worship in prayer and song.

Key Words in Our Mission Statement:

Environment: The people at OBC are informal and warm in their relationship with God and with each other. It's a fun church to be a part of!

Process: The style of learning is dynamic in that dialogue is encouraged and differences are addressed. The one word to describe this process is "challenging".

Unconditional: There is no prejudice in God. It is our goal to accept and love one another just the way we are.

Teaching: This body is bent toward teaching and therefore requires a standard of truth, which is the Bible. Teaching also requires a relationship with one another so that we can understand what is being taught.

Worship: The humbling of ourselves before God and lifting Him up is pleasing to Him and exhilarating to us. Come join us in worshipping the living God.

Our Motto: A place to process your faith